Thursday, July 9, 2015

Katie's Birthday

Birthdays are even better when you're married!  Dallin surprised me with a banana peach smoothie and pancakes for breakfast in bed this morning. And then he rented me a puppy this afternoon!
Scout has to be one of the most mellow dogs I've ever met. 

 She wasn't really a fan of her chew toy, but an old sock?  Man, she thought that was the best thing ever!
Once she was done exploring (which she did a lot) and playing (which she did for maybe 15 minutes) she got cuddly. 

And then she got tired.  This doesn't look at all comfortable to me, but Scout seemed to like it!

Once we returned the puppy we got 2 watermelon, 2 cucumber, and 4 tomato plants at buy one get one free to put in the garden where our seeds didn't do much. (and by much, I mean anything.)  We found several interesting things in digging the few holes we did to plant the new plants, mostly scraps of metal.  I'm wondering what all is down there!  And, if that might not be part of the reason some of our seeds didn't do so well.  (bugs and late planting in the heat were also part of the problem)

And, Look what I finished tonight! My honors portfolio! It's ready to go in tomorrow!
Dallin got my cake finished just as he left for work, so he's coming home on his lunch break for chocolate cake at 2 am.  I'll be ready for bed once he goes back to work!  Poor boy, he's going to be very tired when he gets done tomorrow morning.  We're looking forward to the minion movie and Tucanos with Mom and Dad Dressman and Ann tomorrow evening!

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