Saturday, July 4, 2015


What does a daddy tomato say to a little tomato when he falls behind?  "Ketchup, Son!"

As my aunt and cousins say, "pictures or it didn't happen." Instead of trying to give a comprehensive overview of the first 30 days of our marriage, I'm using my cousins saying to guide what gets covered and what doesn't. (Thanks Mom and Dad Dressman for the camera!)

Highlights of the honeymoon included:

Chichén Itzá

and Tulum (You can see the main temple in the background and to the right in the picture on the left)

with Helaman, 

a pirate cruise,

swimming with the Dolphins at Xelha,

getting fantastically burnt as they wouldn't let us wear sunscreen until after we had played with the dolphins,


and a sailing trip

to the Isla de Mujeres.  

This slow cooker is my new best friend when it comes to Sunday dinners.  (Thanks Michael!!) 

And, I'm in love with my new dishes, my Grandma Brower's stoneware.  It gets used on special occasions, like our first fancy homemade Sunday dinner. (Thanks, Mom and Dad Brower!)

We spent the weekend of June 20th in Cedar city for the Summer Games.  It was pretty obvious I haven't been spending as many hours in the studio as I used to, but I did medal in weapons and sparring and only missed medaling in forms by a tie breaker. 

Sparring would have gone much better if I hadn't had bronchitis.  Air is necessary when it comes to fighting. 

Dallin also started at the studio this last week (06/30).  We'll have to get pictures in his new uniform to include in the next update.

The Brower Family Reunion was June 27.  We didn't make it to the Redneck slide until after 6pm.  Dallin's temp job, working graves as a stocker at Walmart, makes it hard to do much during the day.  We really hope it's temporary and he gets something in his field soon.  He was pretty bummed to have to leave early to get back to his 10pm-7am shift.

Of course, the traditional game of Volleyball occurred.  Maybe some day I'll be athletic enough to not be a handicap to my team and I'll actually consider playing.  This year was not that year.

Aunt Jan made Lizzy a beautiful cake for her 9th birthday! 

On the way home we stopped at the Wellsville Burger King for a pit stop.  We really hope that the spelling of Welcome is a play on Wellsville.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo tour! I will choose some photos for email after the fourth of July... rather running right now! thanks!

  2. Cool pics. Fun times. Love you guys.

  3. Got the ones I wanted... so glad you took these. Such a fun reunion! THANKS!