Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Balloon Show

Dallin got home from his graveyard shift  at 7:25 this morning, July 3, came in and grabbed me and took me to Bulldog park to see the balloons. (I was already up working on secondary applications [we've received secondaries from Dartmouth and George Washington so far] and securing letters of recommendations for medical school.  I've got 3 committed letter writers, I need to talk to 2 more and I'm waiting to hear back from 2 that I've already asked. This has to be one of my least favorite parts of med school applications as I have little control over it.)  If he hadn't come home during the balloon show, we'd've both forgotten about it!  We didn't stay very long, but we got a few fun photos!

This was the view from outside our house.  (Dumbdumb needs to learn to not take pictures of her fingers.)

This was the view from down the corner, just across the street and up a house from our pet lesbians.  (You can see the cab of their truck across the street from the large white van.)  Luckily it's our month to park in the carport and driveway, so Dallin had some place to park. (we alternate with the people upstairs) Lots of people were borrowing any extra road space they could find on our street.  

Good ole Smokey Bear!

Yoda and Vader. 

Okay, okay.  I'm a bit of a junkie.  Luckily Life Flight stayed grounded during the show.  It was directly across the street from Yoda and Vader.  It was a good day.  

We came home and checked on our plants.  As you can see, our beans are coming up nicely.  I was worried we'd lose them to bugs and heat, but they're recovering very nicely.  We're not sure what the little row of plants are just south (above) the two rows of beans.  Their probably peas, onions or peppers.  I guess we'll see in a few months!  Although they aren't pictured, our watermelon and squash are coming up very nicely as well!  The rest of the garden, on the other hand, isn't.  I'm thinking I'll have Dallin get a few tomato plants and cucumber plants to add in the dead spaces. It was probably way too hot when we finally got the garden planted after the honeymoon.  It was much later than we had planned to plant and the seedlings we had started 6 weeks earlier were long dead.  Something about a wedding kept us a little too busy during planting season.  Oh well, maybe we'll be more successful in two years when we plant again!   Hopefully he brings home some dirt tonight so I can finally plant my little herb garden!!   

Today is the Fourth of July!  I've taking to writing online again after Bubblews crashed.  (I made several hundred dollars off it last year and was sad to see the extra income go.)  I'm not making nearly what I made on Bubblews in the old days, but I'm enjoying both being back on Bubblews and getting started on Hubpages. You can check out a recent hub I wrote about Fun facts and the Background about Independence Day here!  

We're looking forward to a BBQ at Aunt Shelly's and a block party at the lesbians to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks tonight.  Hopefully Dallin catches a few before he has to go to work at 10!     

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